Great comeback of Romano. Adriàn shows off his talent

TISSOT Grand Prix of Doha 2021 – Race

04 April 2021Losail International Circuit – Qatar

It was a very thrilling race for our two pilots. A furious come back of Romano ended with an excellent tenth place and a race in the leading positions for Adriàn, ruined by a fall in which our pilot did not any responsibility.

Romano starting from the pitlane, together with other six pilots, on the finish line of the first lap he had a gap from the leader of the race of 11.186 s. He did not lose heart and with a better pace compared to the leading pilots, he started to reduce the gap that he had from the leading group. He had a constant pace of 2’06 low and at the sixth lap he sealed the time of 2’06.263, that represents the second best race time. At the twelfth lap Romano succeeded to mend the rift with the group, passing on the finish line in eighteenth position. Unfortunately, when Romano reached the group, due to a quite short gearbox and consequently to the slipstream of the group that preceded, him often entered into function the speed limiter, worsening his performances. He ended the race in tenth position, with a gap from the winner of the race P. Acosta of only 1.967 s. We need to consider that the race has been around seven second faster than the one of last weekend.

For what concerns our rookie, Adriàn in the first laps succeeded to be in the leading positions and throughout the seventh lap for a section of the track he succeeded to reach the second position. Also Adriàn showed off a good pace, sealing at the fifth lap a best lap of 2’06.615. In the fight with the pilots who yet from some years are fighting from the leading position of the Moto3, Adriàn was not afraid showing off all the progresses, that he managed to obtain in a little bit of time.
Unfortunately, C. Tatay, falling in corner 6 throughout the fifteenth lap, hit Adriàn stopping earlier his race.

To follow the statements of the protagonists of the Grand Prix of Doha.

Romano Fenati: “I am happy with the outcome of the race, because starting from the pitlane and ending the race in tenth position is not bad at all. All of this gives us a lot of confidence and this means that we did a good work. Unfortunately at the end of the race I did not succeed to return in the group that I reached, since I had the gearbox very short, thus on the straight line with a lot of slipstream it entered into function the speed limiter, preventing me to keep the pace of who preceded me.”

Adriàn Fernàndez: “I am overall happy with this second race of the Championship. I think that with the team we are doing a very good job, but unfortunately at four laps from the end another rider touched me and I got into a crash. Anyway I think that we did a good race.”

Max BiaggiTeam Owner: “The race was very exciting to watch. I was pretty impressed by the performance of Adriàn, because at his second race of the year he did a very good job and he succeeded to reach the leading group. I knew that at the end of the race with the used tires the experience came out and maybe for him it was a difficult situation, but he managed to gain some experience. The outcome was overall positive and I am quite optimist about him. Unfortunately he crashed due to another rider. Romano started from the pit and with Acosta he succeeded to reach the group, but once again the biggest issue for him is to overtake the riders. This can be easily seen, since Acosta managed to ride more aggressively but not faster than Romano and it seemed very easy for him to overtake. That represents the difference between the two. Acosta made an unbelievable race, winning this Grand Prix while we finished in tenth position. We reached the points but I am sure that Romano could be able to make better results.”

Results TISSOT Grand Prix of Doha 2021 – Race

1. Pedro ACOSTA (KTM) 38’22.430, 2. Darryn BINDER (Honda) + 0.039, 3. Niccolò ANTONELLI (KTM) + 0.482,
11. Romano FENATI (Husqvarna) + 1.967, Adriàn FERNÀNDEZ (Husqvarna) Crash on the fifteenth lap at turn 6. Pilot uninjured.

World Championship Classification Moto3 2021 – After Race 2

1. Pedro ACOSTA (KTM) 45 pts; 2. Darryn BINDER (Honda) 36 pts; 3. Jaume MASIA (KTM) 32 pts;
11. Romano FENATI (Husqvarna) 11 pts; 20. Adriàn FERNÀNDEZ (Husqvarna) 0 pts.

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