Romano directly accesses the Q2! Adriàn is out by only 27 thousandths

TISSOT Grand Prix of Doha – FP2

02 April 2021Losail International Circuit – Qatar

Throughout this second Friday in Qatar our two pilots clearly improved their performances! In the Free Practice 1 Romano hit the ninth position, with the time of 2’06.710 and Adriàn the fifteenth position, with a best lap of 2’06.874. The weather, as already happened last weekend, influenced a lot the performances of all the pilots on the grid, since the temperature on the ground reached 52°C and the wind blew at around 25 km/h.
The conditions of the track throughout the FP2 improved, but not as much as expected and this has increased the humidity tax rate.

Romano did 10 laps and at the sixth one he obtained the time of 2’05.271. He results to be in tenth position, with a gap from the leader of the combined ranking D.Binder of 0.490 s. This time the strategy was perfect, since Romano passed on the finish line two seconds before the waving of the chequered flag. Unfortunately an unusual vibration of the back, that is in verification, prevented him to further improve his time.
Because of the condition forecasted for the next sessions of the day when the wind and the temperatures make the track very slow it has been crucial to hit the top 14, to directly access to the Q2.

Unfortunately Adriàn did not succeed to hit the Q2 yet from Friday, by only 0.027 s. Our young pilot sealed as best lap the time of 2’05.438, with a gap of only 0.657 s. The improvements of Adriàn are clear, since he is improving his times session by session. Also the work in his pit is very profitable, since he gained an excellent synergy both with his team and his FR 250GP.

Let us leave the floor to our two bearers and our Team Owner Max Biaggi.

Romano Fenati: “I am very satisfied with this second round even if we has an issue. Indeed a small vibration to the back tire happened. Anyway we are working well, so we look with confidence the qualifying of tomorrow.”

Adriàn Fernàndez: “The FP1 was very difficult, even though I had an overall very good feeling. The FP2 was better but I am at only 0.6 seconds from the first rider and by only 0.027 I missed the direct access to the Q2, since tomorrow the circuit will be quite slower. I am overall happy with the feeling that I have with the bike and the team.”

Max BiaggiTeam Owner: “I am satisfied with the outcome of this first day of free practice! I am disappointed with technical inconvenient happened to Romano, since he had all the possibility to improve. It is important anyway that he is quite ahead in the ranking. Adriàn, compared to last weekend, reduced a lot the gap with the leaders and this proves that he is working well.”

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