Finally it begins!

Test Jerez 2020 shakedown

17 February 2020Circuito de Jerez – Angel Nieto

Today the Sterilgarda Husqvarna Max Racing Team officially started the 2020 season on the Jerez track. The team preferred to anticipate the upcoming Irta tests, to give time to both Romano and Alonso to become familiar with the brand new Husqvarna FR250 GP.
The practice session took place with a spring climate, thanks to which Alonso completed 32 laps, while Romano 36.

Both say they are very happy with the new bike, even if there is still some work to do, to adapt it to their needs.
On this occasion, the new graphics of the pits and the bike were shown off and it must be said that it is a nice glance!

The tests will also continue tomorrow, while Wednesday the Irta tests will begin, which will run until February 21st.
Remember that before the start of the championship there will only be tests in Qatar, which will take place from February 28 to March 1.

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