Good qualifying for Romano. Alonso does not pass the Q1

SHARK Helmets Grand Prix de France 2020 – Qualifying

10 October 2020Le Mans – France

The Saturday of the French Grand Prix took place with a clear sky, that has allowed the track to fry off allowing all the pilots to improve their pilots.

Particularly Romano in the free practice 3 has continued to be very fast, succeeding to do 6 laps around the time of 1’45 and a half. After 15 laps completed our pilot sealed the time of 1’42.431, with which he results to be in third position in the combined ranking of the three session of free practice. This excellent performance has allowed him to directly access to the qualifying 2.
Alonso instead after the fall of yesterday had some problems to his shoulder and this has prevented him to be fast in the last session of free practice. With the time of 1’43.221 Alonso results to be in twenty-second position, in the combined ranking concerning the three rounds of free practice and thus he attended the qualifying 1.

Throughout the qualifying Alonso did 9 laps in only one run, obtaining his best lap with the time of 1’43.117. With this performance tomorrow he will take off from the twenty-third position in eighth row.
For what concerns Romano in the qualifying 2 he did 6 laps in two runs. At the fourth lap he sealed the time of 1’42.190, with a gap from the poleman J. Masia of 0.791 s. With this performance tomorrow he will take off from the ninth position on the grid.

Let us leave the floor to our two pilots and our Team Owner Max Biaggi.

Romano Fenati: “I am really happy about this qualifying and especially I really like the setting of my bike. We will try tomorrow to do a good take off in order to remain in the leading group.”

Alonso Lopez: “I am happy because my shoulder does not hurt much and I am able to deal with it. For what concerns tomorrow, I hope to obtain a better result compared to the one obtained today. Today I had some issues with the acceleration. Anyway the part of the weekend that I like the most is the race and I think to have a good pace. I am going pretty fast, since I can do many laps with times very close to those of the race. I hope to do many overtakes and to have fun.”

Max BiaggiTeam Owner: “I am really satisfied with the pace shown off by Romano. He was really fast in every condition and he showed off to be very determinate in the qualifying. I am sorry for Alonso who had been slowed down by the fall of yesterday, since he had a little injure. I hope that in the race Romano would be from the beginning in the leading positions and I hope that Alonso would do a good come back.”

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