Flooded track! P6 for Romano, crash for Adriàn

SHARK Grand Prix de France 2021 – WUP

16 May 2021Le Mans – France

The weather in Le Mans got worse day after day and this morning the pilots of the Moto3, the first to get on track, have been welcomed by the rain and especially by a completely flooded track. The temperature in the air and on the ground reached 11°C. Due to this difficult conditions, throughout the session there have been a lot of falls.

Unfortunately at the first flying lap, Adriàn in corner 2 fell. It did not have any physical consequence, but the bike had some damages due to which our young pilot was not able to do not even a lap. For what concerns Romano, he did eight laps, with a best lap obtained at the seventh lap in 2’03.816. The gap that he has from the leader of the warm up A.F. Izdihar is of 0.998 s.

The program of the day will end with the race, that will start at 11 AM (GMT+2).

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