That is our Rookie! He gained twenty positions! Adriàn obtains the sixth place after an awesome comeback

SHARK Grand Prix de France 2021 – Race

16 May 2021Le Mans – France

A difficult weekend that ends with an excellent performance of Adriàn, that gains twenty positions and reaches the sixth position, gaining his first points of the World Championship. All of this happened in very difficult conditions, thus it represents an extraordinary performance! To the excellent result of our rookie, we have to add the good tenth place of Romano, who gains points and he confirms himself in fourth position in the ranking of the World Championship, with 46 points.

The eve of this grand prix did not start in the best way possible, since this morning in the warm up a flooded track and low temperatures welcomed the pilots of the Moto3. Unfortunately Adriàn slipped as soon as he got on track and due to the damages recurred to his FR 250GP he was not able to do the warm up. Without loosing heart, our Adriàn manage to have the right attitude in race and with his team they picked a strategy that would allow him to comeback from the 26 position on the grid. Yet from the beginning our rookie did not make any mistake, and with a very bad track, that throughout the race tended to dry off, he showed off a very fast rhythm. His pace has been among the fasters and at the end of the race he reached the sixth position. 1’52.381 is his best lap and 27.279 s represents the gap from the winner S. Garcia.

On the other side of the pit there is Romano with another good performance, who even complaining about the low grip, conditions managed to gain six points that are very precious for the world championship ranking.
Unfortunately Romano did not have a good start from the tenth position and in the first laps a scarce grip limited a lot his performance. Anyway he did not make any mistake, in a race in which there have been a lot of falls even among the big. At the end of the race he managed to increase his rhythm, obtaining an excellent 1’52.058. He ends the race with a gap of 36.616 s.

Let us leave the floor to our Team Owner Max Biaggi and our two bearers, who for the first time reach both the points.

Romano Fenati: “I am not truly happy with the result, but I am happy with the points gained which are important for the championship. For sure they were not the perfect conditions to ride, since the track was a mixture of dry and wet. At the beginning the feeling was not the best, but throughout the race it became better and better. At the end of the race the track was dry, with only few spots of wet track. It was very difficult to ride with the wet tires with the conditions encountered at the end. We will see each other in Mugello.”

Adriàn Fernàndez: “The race was difficult and the conditions at the beginning of the day were really bad, especially in the warm up, indeed I did only one lap and then I crashed. It was difficult to come back but with the team we did a good job. I finish the race in sixth position. I am really happy about it.”

Max BiaggiTeam Owner: “The race of today was good for the team, since both of the pilots reached the points. The performance of Adriàn is impressive, since from the penultimate position he ended the race in sixth place, without making any mistake and this is good. Of course we are happy for him and for his first points in the Champioship. Romano finished in tenth position and he could have done better, but that was the maximum that he could do today. He still is in fourth position in the championship, but I hope that he will boost his position in the Italian Grand Prix.

Results SHARK Grand Prix de France 2021 – Race

1. Sergio GARCIA (Gas Gas) 42’21.172, 2. Filip SALAC (Honda) + 2.349, 3. Riccardo ROSSI (KTM) + 5.589,
6. Adriàn FERNÀNDEZ (Husqvarna) + 27.279, 10. Romano FENATI (Husqvarna) + 36.616.

World Championship Classification Moto3 2021 – After Race 5

1. Pedro ACOSTA (KTM) 103 pts; 2. Sergio Garcia (Gas Gas) 49 pts; 3. Andrea Migno (Honda) 47 pts;
4. Romano FENATI (Husqvarna) 46 pts; 22. Adriàn FERNÀNDEZ (Husqvarna) 10 pts.

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