Frequent variations of weather conditions in Le Mans. Romano will start from the tenth position

SHARK Grand Prix de France 2021 – Qualifying

15 May 2021Le Mans – France

Also today the weather has complicated the sessions in Le Mans. Indeed constant and rapid changes of weather conditions obliged all the teams to make difficult choices. At the end of the qualifying the choice that had the better outcome has been the one of the slick, indeed the leading pilots who took this risk succeeded to accumulate a substantial gap. Yet from the morning the temperatures have been rather low: on the ground at 9 AM it reached 7°C and in the free practice 3 none of the pilots managed to improve his time. We have to highlight the excellent performance of our rookie Adriàn who succeeded to obtain after eighteen laps the first position. At the end of the three rounds of free practice Romano results to be in seventh position, with the time of 1’42.553 obtained in the FP2 and Adriàn is in twenty-seventh position, with the time of 1’44.079.

Thus Adriàn had to compete in the qualifying 1, that took place on a dry track and with a temperature on the ground of 12°C. After 7 laps done our young pilot obtained the time of 1’47.081, which will allow him to start from the twenty-eighth position tomorrow. We have to say that the best performance of Adriàn has been cancelled because he passed the limits of the track.

The development of the qualifying 2 has been complicated by the fact that throughout the launch lap it started to rain. At that moment all the pilots had the slick, thus they have been forced to go back to the pit. Some of them tried to use the slick again and this resulted to be the key of this qualifying. Romano used the rain and after seven laps he obtained the time of 1’50.962, with he has a gap from the poleman A. Migno of 3.555 s.

Here there are the comments of our two pilots and our Team Owner Max Biaggi.

Romano Fenati:”I am sufficiently satisfied with the qualifying of today. Indeed despite all the difficulties, we have been quite fast. Unfortunately, it has been a challenging qualifying, because it rained as soon as we ended the launch lap. We came back to the pit and we put on the rain, but at the end of the session we could have used the slick. Unfortunately we did not have time to change the tires. Tomorrow we will try to do an excellent start so that we could do a good race.”

Adriàn Fernàndez: “Because of the conditions that I had to face the day has been very hard. The FP3 was good, indeed I feel comfortable to ride on a wet track, but for me the problem comes when I have to ride on a dry track. The qualifying 1 has been difficult why I had different feeling. Tomorrow I hope it will be better. Starting the race in twenty-eighth position is not easy for sure, but tomorrow I will try to do my best.”

Max BiaggiTeam Owner: “Also today the weather conditions have heavily influenced the free practice sessions. It is necessary to work hard to be ready for the race of tomorrow. I expect that Romano could fight for the leading positions and that Adriàn will do a good comeback, but all of this will depend also by the weather conditions that they will have to face. For sure we would prefer to race on a dry track.”

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