Slippery track! Falls for Adriàn and Romano

SHARK Grand Prix de France 2021 – FP1

14 May 2021Le Mans – France

The free practice 1 took place with rather difficult conditions, with 10°C on the ground and the track was wet. Throughout the session there have been a lot of falls, among them the one of Adriàn and Romano.

Adriàn succeeded to reach the seventh place, with the time of 1’54.250 and a gap from the leader of the session J. McPhee of 0.956 s. He did 15 laps, obtaining his best time at the last lap. At twenty minutes from the end of the session, due to a contact with X. Artigas he did a small slip in corner 11. This fall had no consequences neither to Adriàn nor to his FR 250 GP.

Romano did an excellent session, since he has always been in the Top 10. At 5 minutes from the end, when he was doing his time attack, due to the bad conditions of the ground, he slippend in corner 3. In the last minutes the condition of the track got better, thus a multitude of the pilots succeeded to improve their time, passing Romano in the ranking. He ended the session in seventeenth position, with the time of 1’55.288 and a gap of 1.994 S. He did thirteen laps and he managed to realize his best time at the eight lap.

Next appointment is at 1.15 PM (GMT+2) for the free practice 2.

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