Race pummeled by red flags!

Red Bull Grand Prix of The Americas 2021 – Race

03 October 2021Circuit Of The Americas – United States

It is a true fortune that we finished the Moto3 race without any dangerous crash. The race was interrupted twice and the second suspension was caused by a super dangerous crash, in which four pilots have been involved. The outcome could have been worse, but luckily all the pilots involved in the crash are healthy.

Romano started from the eleventh position and at the end of the first lap he was in fifteenth position. His pace at that moment was not among the best, but lap after lap he succeeded to improve his feeling with his Husqvarna, reducing the gap from the group that preceding him. His come back ended at eighth lap, due to the red flag, while the ranking remained the one of the seventh lap. In that moment Romano was in twelfth position. For what concern our Adriàn, he started from the twenty-second position, at the third lap he had already regained several positions, ending the third lap in sixteenth position. Unfortunately he had to serve a long Lap Penalty, due to a short cut. Adriàn served this penalty at the fifth lap, coming back in twenty-fourth position. At the moment of the red flag our rookie was in twenty-first position. The Race Direction took the decision that Race 2 would have been 5 laps long, but after three laps there was a dangerous crash, for which another red flag was necessary.

The race was declared finished with the ranking related to the first red flag, therefore Romano resulted to be in twelfth position and Adriàn in twenty-first.

To follow the statements of the protagonists of the race.

Romano Fenati: “I am not satisfied with the outcome of the race, because we did not find a good set up of the bike, even if at the end of the first race the bike was doing better lap after lap, considering that the main problem was caused by the grip which was too much. After the red flag in the restart I lost some meters from the leading group. I think that this race was unbelievable, since the Moto3 it does not reach very high speed, therefore in theory it is not that dangerous, but if pilots behave like this it becomes very very dangerous. We are experiencing a difficult period, so we must return to race with greater attention. Some pilots are a little bit dangerous and I strongly believe that they must be penalize, to understand their mistakes.”

Adriàn Fernàndez: “Today was difficult, even if the start of the first race was good and I managed to reach a good position, but the problem was a long lap at the beginning that made me lose a lot of positions. Then we had the red flag and the second start was good but the pilot in front of me crashed and I couldn’t avoid it . Next race in Misano will be better.”

Max BiaggiTeam Owner: “Today was a thrilling race there was an unbelievable crash maybe the most dangerous that I have ever seen in Moto3. We stopped twice and the race direction has decided to consider the result of race 1. We reached the twelfth position with Romano, which was not what we were expecting, but we have to accept the result. It was easy to make mistakes or be involved in accidents. Adriàn crashed with Kofler therefore we did not collect any point and this is not good for his confidence.We finished this weekend with few points collected, but we are looking forward to racing again in Misano which will represents a crucial race for Romano and for the entire team. We will try to start the weekend in the best way.”

Results Red Bull Grand Prix of The Americas 2021 – Race

1. Izan GUEVARA (GASGAS) 15’57.747, 2. Dennis FOGGIA (Honda) + 0.385, 3. John MCPHEE (Honda) + 0.499,
12. Romano FENATI (Husqvarna) + 3.257, 21. Adriàn FERNÀNDEZ (Husqvarna) + 14.107.

World Championship Classification Moto3 2021 – After Race 15

1. Pedro ACOSTA (KTM) 218 pts; 2. Dennis FOGGIA (Honda) 188 pts; 3. Sergio GARCIA (GAS GAS) 168 pts;
4. Romano FENATI (Husqvarna) 138 pts; 24. Adriàn FERNÀNDEZ (Husqvarna) 20 pts.

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