Alonso closes thirteenth and Romano seventeenth

QNB Grand Prix of Qatar 2020 – Race

08 March 2020Losail International Circuit – Qatar.

It was a rather complicated race for our riders. At the end of the eighteen laps Alonso has finished the race in thirteenth place whereas Romano in seventeenth place.

Alonso has begun the race quite well from the twenty-fifth place, lap after lap he managed to reach the long leading group. Unfortunately in the last laps he took a little gap from the pilots that preceded him and he did not succeed in filling it. He attained his best lap in the fourth one with the time of 2’06.154. This time in the fast laps’ ranking represents the thirteenth best performance. He ended the race with a time of 1.602 s slower than the one of the leader.

Romano since the beginning of the race has suffered some problems with the brake and all of this has limited him in the overtakings. In the last laps he succeeded in improving his performances and he caught up some positions. He finished the race with a time gap of 5.802 s from the leader. 2’06.585 is the time of his best lap, which represents the twenty-second faster lap.

Here are the words of the protagonists:

Alonso Lopez: “I am happy about this race. Having finished the first race is always a good start for the season. This allows us to have more confidence in the next races. For the next races I hope to be a little bit more consistent in the Free Practice. I think that I can improve a lot throughout the season. I would like to thank my team and all the sponsors which support me.”

Romano Fenati: “Unfortunately it was a very difficult race, since at the beginning I had some issues with the brake and for this reason it was impossible for me to overtake the other pilots. Furthermore, I was in a group in which we have bothered a lot each other. Throughout the race this problem has diminished. Thus, I succeeded to change the pace gaining some positions and reaching the leading group. I am happy because at the end of the race I had a really fast pace and above all we understood which was the problem that has limited me at the beginning. Now we will take the right path to solve this inconvenient. I am confident for the next race.”

Max Biaggi Team Owner: “It was a quite complicated weekend, already from the tests. Both of the pilots did not have much luck in finding a good contrail to attain good times throughout the tests. During the race eventhough we found ourselves in the leading group we did not succeed in gaining enough position to manage to compete for the leadership of the race. Alonso gained three points, catching up some positions from the start, whereas in the Romano’s case was obvious that he had some issues from the beginning of the race. It is important that the team understood the problem that limited Romano.”

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