Romano confirms himself fast on the Losail Circuit. Progress for Adriàn

Official Test Qatar

21 March 2020Losail International Circuit – Qatar

Today the last test before the beginning of the Championship, which will take place on the Losail track in less than a week, ended.
Throughout these three days of test took place 3 daily sessions, that unfortunately has been influenced often by a strong wind. In some cases the registered speed of the wind reached 50 km/h. A direct consequence of this has been the presence of the sand on the track.

Romano, after the two days of private test on the Jerez track has continued to make some small modifications to the setting of his Husqvarna, with the aim to obtain a good pace for the race. Unfortunately, the presence of the wind in some cases blocked the regular developing of the work and they have mainly focused on some aerodynamics solutions, with the goal of limiting the prejudicial effects of the wind. Romano has been quite fast in every condition, showing off a good race pace. Indeed, today throughout the last session he succeeded to do five laps at a pace of 1’05 low. Thanks to the tests made on the various available tires, they managed to limit the choice of the tread compound for the race.

On the other side of the pit, our Adriàn encountered some predictable difficulties. For him the new bike, the new team and the new circuit have represented a quite serious difficulty. However, Adriàn with the help of his Chief Technician, at the end of the three days of tests succeeded to obtain excellent steps ahead. The work has been focused mainly on the setting of the suspensions, with the aim to improve the feeling with the front tire. Yesterday, thanks to the help of some videos and pictures he had a profitable confrontation with his team mate.

Now we leave the floor to our two pilots and our Team Owner Max Biaggi.

Romano Fenati: “In these three days of test we worked a lot and I am happy with what we have done. In the first day we mainly worked on the setting and this work has been very useful especially in the second day, when there has been a lot of wind and sand on the track. This has obliged us to focus on the aerodynamics. Today throughout the last day, we spent the time mainly on the choice of the tires, trying their duration and in the last minutes we focused on the time attack.”

Adriàn Fernàndez: “We started the weekend with some difficulties, and we used the first day to understand the track and the team. Throughout the second day it seemed that we made some steps forward, but today, we found a turning point. iteven if it wasn’t easy. I am thrilled to start the race next weekend and I would like to thank my team and everyone who support me.”

Max BiaggiTeam Owner: “At the end of these three days of test Romano confirmed to be rather fast on the race pace, even if he has not been very vivid in the time attack. He seems to be very confident for the race, thus we impatiently wait the beginning of these championship. For what concerns Adriàn he had some easily predictable difficulties, due to the many changes that he is facing. The important thing is that he continues to work as he has done in these days, because the results will arrive.”

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