Unfortunate qualifications for our two drivers

myWorld Motorrad Grand Prix von Österreich - Qualifying

15 August 2020Red Bull Ring – Spielberg – Austria

Unlucky qualifying for our two pilots, since that they did not succeed in finalizing the potential that they have shown off throughout the weekend. Alonso will take off from the last position on the starting grid, while Romano from the penultimate position.
Our two pilots had to participate to the qualifying 1, because in the last session of the free practice, due to the adverse weather conditions, any pilot managed to improve his time.
The session took place on a dry track, with a temperature in the air equal to 21°, on the ground of 30° and with a humidity equal to 74°.

Romano did 6 laps in two runs, realizing his best lap in the second lap, with the time of 1’38.537. 1.505 s is his time gap from the leader of the session R. Rossi. It need to be said that two laps have been cancelled to Romano, because he passed the limits of the track. The times that he realized would have allowed him to have access to the Q2. That is too bad but for the race is really important to have shown off a good potential.

Alonso in the free practice 3 did an innocuous slip in corner 3, at 7 minutes from the end of the session. For what concerns his qualifying, he sealed the time of 1’38.827, during the third out of six laps done in two runs. He has a time gap from the leader of the ranking equal to 1.795 s. Alonso, as Romano, due to fact that he passed the limits of the track two laps have been cancelled to him too.

The pole position of the Grand Prix of Austria of the Moto3 has been obtained by R.Fernandez, with the time 1’36.277.
Here are the impressions of our Team Owner Max Biaggi.

Max BiaggiTeam Owner: “For the pilots it is not easy to talk in these occasions, since they occupy the last two positions on the starting grid, for this reason I prefer to talk for them. The qualifying have been disastrous and if there is a fault it needs to be shared among all of us! We are here to support both our pilots, in every moment. I personally hope that tomorrow, even if they will take off from positions that any pilot wants they, will do a redemption race to gain some positions. All of this is necessary to regain the confidence and the serenity, since in one week we will have the second race here on the Red Bull Ring, in which we could start from a foundation of setup and of performance already defined, in order to redeem ourselves.”

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