Rain in FP3. Nobody gets better. Romano and Alonso in Q1

myWorld Motorrad Grand Prix von Österreich 2020 – FP3

15 August 2020Red Bull Ring – Spielberg – Austria.

The third round of the free practice took place on a wet track. due to this none of the pilots managed to improve his time. The time landmarks have been slower, than the one did on with the dry track, of around 6 seconds. It needs to be said that the weather conditions have varied a lot during the session, thus for each pilot the moment in which their best time has been crucial. Due to this there are rather large gaps in the rankings.

Alonso resulted to be in twentieth position, with the time of 1’44.508 and a time gap from the leader of the session C.Vietti of 1.733. He did eighteen laps in two runs and he managed to seal his best time in the fourteenth lap. Alonso at 7 minutes from the end of the round did in an innocuous slip in turn 3.

Romano at the end of the 40 minutes of the free practice resulted to be in twenty-seventh place, with a gap from the leader of 2.268 s. He did 20 laps and he was able to seal his best lap in the fifteenth lap, with the time of 1’45.043.

In the combined ranking of the three rounds of free practice Romano is in sixteenth position, while Alonso results to be in twentieth place. For this reason they both will have to do the qualifying 1, that will take place at 12.35 pm (GMT+2).

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