At the start the Grand Prix of Austria on the Red Bull Ring

Motorrad Grand Prix von Österreich 2021 – Preview

12 August 2021Red Bull Ring – Spielberg – Austria

For the second consecutive weekend we will ride on the Red Bull Ring, where there will be held the Grand Prix of Austria. Last weekend the Sterilgarda Max Racing Team obtained excellent results, since Romano reached the podium and Adriàn did an extraordinary come back, gaining fifteen positions.

The major difficulties of last weekend were due to the weather, that especially in race made rather complicated the choice of the tire to use. We have to say that our two team, leaded by Martinelli and Cambarau, did the right choice, that allowed our two bearers to perform at their best.

Romano did an excellent start, gaining the holeshot. In the first race laps our team leader stayed in the leading group, formed by P. Acosta and S. Garcia, complaining after few laps a scarce confidence to the front wheel throughout the braking phase. As the laps went by the track has progressively dried off and this improvement has allowed Romano to regain the feeling and to reach at the last corner the third position. Thanks to these sixteen points, Romano reached the third position in the ranking of the World Championship.
For what concerns Adriàn, after the fall in which he run into in the last laps on the warm up, he preferred to be prudent in the first laps, throughout which he did anyway many overtakes. Our rookie ended the race in tenth position, starting from the twenty-fifth position on the grid. Throughout the last lap there was an amazing battle with other three colleagues, on which he managed to prevail. Adriàn in this race gained, for the second time this year, important World Championship points.

Here there are the statements of our two pilots and our Team Owner Max Biaggi.

Romano Fenati: “I am very happy to ride again on Red Bull Ring. In the race of last weekend we did very good, but we will work with the aim to improve our performances.”

Adriàn Fernàndez: “We ride for the second weekend on the same track, on which I felt good both on dry and on wet. Therefore for this reason we have to continue to work on the same path.”

Max BiaggiTeam Owner: “Last weekend Romano ended the race on the podium and Adriàn did a good come back. We start from these good results, with the aim to improve! The second round on the same circuit will make the raceeven more engaging.”


The race of the last weekend on the Red Bull Ring was won by P. Acosta, who preceded S. Garcia and our Romano. Adriàn ended in tenth position.
The pole was obtained by D. Öncü, with the time of 1’36.453 and the average speed at 161.1 Km/h. Romano gained the third position, with the best lap of 1’36.506. 1’37.538 is the time obtained by Adriàn in the qualifying, with which he started from the twenty-fifth position.

The records remain the same and we report them below.
With the time of 1’35.778 and at the average speed of 162.3 km/h in 2019 T. Arbolino obtained the All Time Lap Record. In 2020 A. Sasaki gained the Best Race Lap, at the average speed of 161.7 Km/h and the time of 1’36.103. In 2016 J. Mir, with the time of 1’36.228 and at the average speed of 161.5 Km/h, obtained the Best Pole. In the end the Top Speed, that was sealed by D. Öncü that in 2020 reached the speed of 223.1 km/h.

Schedule – Local Time (GMT +2)

Here you can find the schedule to follow the Moto3 this weekend.

Thursday 12 August
17:00 – Press Conference

Friday 13 August
09:00 – 09:40 – FP1 Moto3
13:15 – 13:55 – FP2 Moto3

Saturday 14 August
09:00 – 09:40 – FP3 Moto3
12:35 – 12:50 – Q1 Moto3
13:00 – 13:15 – Q2 Moto3

Sunday 15 August
08:40 – 09:00 – Warm-Up Moto3
11:00 – Race Moto3

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