Awesome Romano! Second place in the combined ranking. Alonso in Q1.

Monster Energy Grand Prix České republiky 2020 – FP3

08 August 2020Automotodrom Brno – Czech Republic.

In the session starts with the announcement that 16 Moto3 pilots have been sanctioned, for irresponsible driving during the free practice 2. Indeed these pilots, among whom there was Alonso, did at least one lap during the Free Practice 2 with a time 110%, greater than best lap in the session. For this reason these 16 pilots started the session 10 minutes later, respect to the actual start of the FP3.

The free practice 3 took place in optimal weather conditions, with a temperature in the air equal to 25° and 27° on the ground. Only 7 pilots did not succeed in improving, among them there is Alonso. He ended the three sessions of free practice with the time of 2’09.785, that he sealed in the free practice 1. He did 10 laps in the FP3 and his best time resulted to be 2’10.244, that enables him to be in twenty-seventh place in the combined ranking, with a gap from the leader R. Fernandez equal to 1.947 s. For Alonso the goal now is the qualifying 1.

Romano this morning used all the good work that he is doing with his team, to improve the setting of his FR 250GP. He sealed the wonderful time of 2’08.397, that allow him to directly access to the qualifying in second position. He did 12 laps and his best time was realized throughout the eleventh lap, with a gap from the leader equal to 0.559.
Follow the team at 12.35 pm for the Q1.

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