Once again Romano is on the podium! What a comeback for Adriàn

Michelin® Grand Prix of Styria 2021 – Race

08 August 2021Red Bull Ring – Spielberg – Austria

Another amazing Sunday for the Sterilgarda Max Racing Team! Romano conquers another podium, the third of the 2021 season and it is the second consecutive, ending the race in third position. Our team leader gains one position in the championship, reaching the third position with 96 points. Adriàn showed off an extraordinary comeback, thanks to which he managed to end the race in tenth position, gaining for the second time this year some world championship’s points.

The race took off with very difficult conditions, since the rain stopped and the track was drying off very fast. It has been very challenging to choose the right tires and some pilots tried the slick. Our two bearers, as the majority of the pilots on the grid, chose the rain. Considering the times obtained, this was the better choice.

Romano started very strong from the third position and he did the first corner as the leader of the group. Yet from the first laps there has been a small group of three pilots, among them there was our Romano, P. Acosta and S. Garcia, that swiftly collected a good gap from chasing pilots. At one third of the race Romano distanced from the first two pilots and he has been reached by the chasing group. From that point he underwent an overtake by J. Masia, but he did not collect a huge gap, therefore throughout the last lap he managed to reduce the gap, overtaking at the last corner his opponent and obtained the third position.
Masterful race for our rookie, who on a new track and in difficult conditions, succeeded to do an excellent comeback, without doing any mistake. Adriàn started from the twenty-fifth position and yet at the second lap he managed to gain more than ten positions, ending the lap in fourteenth position! His comeback ended in the last laps, with an extraordinary fight with other three colleagues, on whom he had the best for some thousandths at the last lap!

We leave you the comments of our two pilots and our Team Owner Max Biaggi.

Romano Fenati: “Today was very difficult, since it has been complicated to find the right feeling with the tires, on the track that was semi wet. I did the first two laps strong, but than I did not have a good confidence in the braking phase and I risked to fall at least three times. To avoid the slip I had to collect a decent gap from the leaders. With the laps passing by the track dried off and the feeling improved. Pedro and Sergio have been incredible, since they kept an impressive rhythm. In the next race it will be necessary to do a little step forward. to fight with the leaders. I am happy anyway with the result accomplished today.”

Adriàn Fernàndez: “It has been a very positive day! I knew that the race would have been very difficult. This morning in the warm up I fell and this took a lot of confidence away from me, but in race I have been very calm and I could do a good comeback! I am very satisfied with the position reached and I hope to keep improving.”

Max BiaggiTeam Owner: “We come back after a long summer break with a podium and this makes us happy. Was a very good weekend for us, from the first session of free practice on Friday to the race of today. We had very consistence performances on dry and very good results on wet. We also have the other rider in the top ten, which he started from the twenty-seventh position on the grid and all that is very good for us. It is good to see three manufacturers on the podium here in Austria.”

Results Michelin® Grand Prix of Styria 2021 – Race

1. Pedro ACOSTA (KTM) 39’45.869, 2. Sergio GARCIA (GAS GAS) + 14.431, 3. Romano FENATI (Husqvarna) + 15.410,
10. Adriàn FERNÀNDEZ (Husqvarna) + 36.355.

World Championship Classification Moto3 2021 – After Race 10

1. Pedro ACOSTA (KTM) 183 pts; 2. Sergio GARCIA (GAS GAS) 130 pts; 3. Romano FENATI (Husqvarna) 96 pts;
23. Adriàn FERNÀNDEZ (Husqvarna) 16 pts.

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