Losail Circuit

Losail International Circuit – Qatar

The Losail International Circuit is located in the state of Qatar 23 km north of Doha.

It measures 5.38 km with an average width of 12 m and has 6 left and 10 right corners. To prevent sand from settling on the track and making the asphalt slippery, the track is surrounded by artificial grass.

It has been competing on this circuit since 2004.

Since 2008 the track has been equipped with a lighting system consisting of 3600 artificial lights and powerful electric generators. All this allows you to race the GP at night, offering a spectacular and unique setting for the races.


A lap of the track

On the longest straight that measures 1068 meters, the MotoGP bikes exceed 350 km/h! The first braking section is very demanding since it is necessary to decelerate from 350 km/h in 250 m. Turn 2 is a left that runs at about 100 km/h and leads to turn 3, a fast right that leads to the straight where the second sector begins. Follow the 4 and 5, two 90 ° right curves that must be properly connected to be able to travel as a single curve.

In this section, turn 6 is essential, the slowest on the track, to be covered at around 70 km/h. All this for two reasons in particular: it is the first corner to the left after three right corners and also at night during which the race is run, the presence of frost in this section makes control of the bike complicated, especially on cold tires. Curve 7 is a curve to the right at the end of which the third sector begins.

This is the most technical part of the circuit and is characterized by the alternation of slow and fast curves. The 8 is a semi-curved to the left which is covered at full throttle cutting the curb. The 9 on the right and the 10 on the left are often the scene of splendid overtaking and this is due to the fact that this sequence of curves can be tackled with different trajectories.

Here it is essential to have correctly set the traction control as the exit of the 10 faces acceleration and a slight bend to the left. The trajectory with which the 12, 13 and 14 are connected, three right turns in rapid sequence. At the end of 13 the last sector begins.

Turn 15 is a fairly fast right after which the last braking section of the lap is tackled. Here the particular trajectory allows overtaking, but usually those in front are not easily overcome, since they almost always have the possibility of crossing the trajectory. The long straight allows the powerful MotoGP bikes to unleash all the horses. Victory is often decided in the sprint.