The Moto3 World Championship of 2020 ended!

Grande Prémio MEO de Portugal 2020 – Race

22 November 2020Algarve International Circuit – Portugal

With the Grand Prix of Portugal ended this 2020 Championship. Even with all the difficulties linked to the restart and even with some hitches due to the Covid-19 emergency, the season has been engaging and two of the three titles have been assigned at the last race. A round of applause goes to the Dorna, that worked hard to enhance an exemplary realization of the championship and to all members of the paddock, which in full compliance with the rules have contributed to success.
The Sterilgarda Max Racing Team wants to congratulate Albert Arenas and his whole Team Aspar to reach the World Championship of the Moto3.

For what concerns the Sterilgarda Max Racing Team, we need to say that it has been a season with ups and downs that has had its pick with Romano’s win on the Misano World Circuit. Today’s race fully represents this season with the seesawing results. In fact Romano and Alonso started rather backwards, respectively twenty-third and twenty-sixth and finished the race in twentieth position, Romano and with a crash during the fifteenth lap, Alonso.
Romano did not have a good start, since at the end of the first lap was twenty-seventh. Unfortunately, after a few laps, he ended the posterior tire, and this did not allow him to do his best. He realized his best lap at the fifth lap, with the time of 1’48.578 and at the end of 96.432 km of race, he succeeded in reaching the twentieth place.
Alonso started rather well, and on the second lap, he was yet twenty-first. At the third lap he served the long lap penalty, coming back in twenty-seventh position. In the fourteenth lap, he was in twenty-fourth place and throughout the next lap unfortunately crash in turn twelfth. 1’48.713 is his best lap, realized at the fifth race lap.

In the World Championship Ranking of 2020 of the Moto3 category, Romano resulted in being in fourteenth place with 77 points and a win, Alonso in twenty-third with twenty-first points.

The second year in the World Championship ends for the Sterilgarda Max Racing Team, a season that saw the birth of the great collaboration with Husqvarna Motorcycles. It is important to remember all the sponsors who support us, among which it is essential to thank our main sponsor Sterilgarda Alimenti, who has supported us for many years now and all the official sponsors and technical sponsors who have accompanied us in this 2020. The Sterilgarda Max Racing Team makes an appointment for everyone in 2021.

Here are the words of the protagonists of this Championship.

Romano Fenati: “I’m not happy with the race because the rear tyre dropped immediately. It was difficult to push and stay competitive and it felt like the race was over as soon as it started. It has been a season with ups and downs but we know very well where we have to work for 2021.”

Alonso Lopez: “Sadly I couldn’t find my way at this race. Overall I learned a lot this year. I could have done more and on track I couldn’t always show it. I need to focus more on my weak points for next season. I want to thank the team for all their work this year. They have done a fantastic job. Thanks to my sponsors also for all their support.”

Max BiaggiTeam Owner: “Today both riders started far back on the grid and we had a crash and a result out of the points, so a tough day and not how we hoped to finish the championship but we took a victory this year, our first with Husqvarna Motorcycles, and that is the most important thing to remember from this season. We will focus on 2021 and aim for better results.”

Results Grande Prémio MEO de Portugal 2020 – Race

1. Raul FERNANDEZ (KTM) 38’06.272, 2. Dennis FOGGIA (Honda) + 5.810, 3. Jeremy ALCOBA (Honda) + 5.866,
20. Romano FENATI (Husqvarna) + 24.672, Alonso LOPEZ (Husqvarna) Crash on the fifteenth lap at turn 12. Pilot uninjured

Final World Championship Classification Moto3 2020

1. Albert ARENAS (KTM) 174 pts; 2. T.ARBOLINO (Honda) 170 pts; 3. Ai OGURA (Honda) 170 pts;
14. Romano FENATI (Husqvarna) 77 pts; 23. Alonso LOPEZ (Husqvarna) 21 pts

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