Our pilots do not pass the Q1

Grande Prémio MEO de Portugal 2020 – Qualifying

21 November 2020Algarve International Circuit – Portugal

Not profitable qualifying for our two pilots, tomorrow Romano will start from the twenty-third place and Alonso from the twenty-sixth place. The problem of the traffic and the tactical, in order to try to find a good slipstream to erode some tenth, in the long straight line of the Algarve International Circuit, has another time generated big chaos. There is too much difference between those who use a slipstream and those who do not, especially on track with such long straight lines.

Romano this morning in the FP3, managed to improve his best lap, but he was ranked seventeenth, thus he had to do the qualifying 1. 7 are the laps done by our pilot in the Q1, with the best lap equal to 1’48.621, sealed at the fourth lap. As it happened at the beginning of the season, Romano has realized his times without any slipstream usage. He resulted in being ninth in the qualifying 1, with a gap from the session leader D. Binder of 0.986 s.
Alonso also had to do the qualifying 1, since with his best lap realized in the three rounds of free practice, he was twenty-eighth. Throughout the Q1, he did 7 laps, and at the fourth, he realized the time of 1’48.923. With this time he resulted in being in twelfth place of the ranking of the Q1, with a gap of 1.288 s. We need to remind you that due to an excessive slowed down in free practice 2, Alonso has been penalized, thus he will have to serve a long lap penalty throughout the race.

Another thing that has to be stated is the weather, that has been gifting this last lap of the Motorcycle Grand Prix an amazing sun, with temperatures that in the qualifying heated the track up to 30°C.
Now is the turn of our two pilots and our Team Owner Max Biaggi, who will tell us their impressions.

Romano Fenati:”I am not happy with the qualifying outcome, but I have a good feeling with the bike. We have to try to do a good come back tomorrow.”

Alonso Lopez: “The obtained result does not represent what I expected. For tomorrow we need to find a solution to be competitive in the race, for this I hope to improve the setting in the warm up. However I did a nice ride alone. I want to thank my team for the work and all the sponsors.”

Max BiaggiTeam Owner: “A real shame that we did not manage to obtain better results in the qualifying. We should have been readier, but unfortunately, it went like that and we need to hope only in a good come back for tomorrow.”

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