P15 for Romano. Adrian falls in corner 7

Grande Prémio Brembo do Algarve 2021 – WUP

07 November 2021Algarve International Circuit – Portugal

On the Algarve Circuit the sun continues to shine and on the ground this morning the temperature reached 14°C. Unfortunately in the last lap Adrian slipped in corner 7, a rather fast spot. In the fall our rookie was hit on one foot by the bike. Adrian was examined at the Medical Centre and he was declared fit for the race.

Romano completed ten laps and at the sixth he sealed the time 1’49.397, with a gap from the leader of the warm up P. Acosta of 1.631 s. With the time of 1’50.522 Adrian results to be in twenty-fourth position, with a gap of 2.756 s.
The race that will end the weekend on the Algarve Circuit, will start at 11.20 (GMT+0).

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