Romano is in eighth position in the warm-up. P22 for Adriàn

Grande Prémio 888 de Portugal 2021 – WUP

18 April 2021Algarve International Circuit – Portugal

The day started with the news that Romano will start from the tenth position and Adriàn from the twelfth position. Indeed some penalties have been given, thus our pilots will start a little bit much more ahead. A partial consolation, keeping in mind what happened in the previous grand prix of Doha.
The warm up, that started at 9 AM local time, took place with a clear sky and with a temperature of 18°C in the air and 22°C on the ground.

At the seventh of the eleven laps done by Romano, he obtained the time of 1’48.848, with a gap from the leader of the warm up J.Masia of 0.696 s. He managed to reach the eighth position.
Adriàn is in twenty-second position, with the time of 1’49.571. 10 are the laps done by Adriàn and he obtained the best lap at the fifth lap, with a gap of 1.419 s.

We remind that the race will take place at 11.20 AM local time (in Italy at 12.20 AM).

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