P7 for Romano, crash for Adriàn. Our pilots have been among the fastest

Grande Prémio 888 de Portugal 2021 – Race

18 April 2021Algarve International Circuit – Portugal

The Grand Prix of Portugal ended with a seventh position of Romano and unfortunately with a fall at the sixteenth lap for Adriàn. A real pity, considering that our two bearer have been among the fastest in race. Indeed, Romano realized the fourth in race fastest lap, with the time of 1’47.978 and Adriàn, with 1’48.054, results to be the sixth fastest.
Due to a series of penalties gave to some pilots on the grid, Romano and Adriàn started from the tenth and twelfth position on the grid respectively.

The race started with a clear sky and a temperature that reached 35°C on the ground.
Romano started well and at the first corner he was in ninth position. For the whole race he was in the leading group, managing to obtain his best lap at the sixteenth lap. Thanks to the points earned, Romano in the World Championship ranking is in tenth position, with twenty points.

For what concerns the race of Adriàn, unfortunately he did not start very well from the grid and at the first lap he was in fourteenth position. From that point he started a good come back, that has allowed him to reach at the fourteenth lap the eighth position, after having overtaken his team mate. Unfortunately a contact with T.Suzuki, at the sixteenth lap in corner 3, prevented both of the pilots to finish the race.

Here there are the comments of our two pilots and our Team Owner Max Biaggi.

Romano Fenati: “I am happy with the overall outcome of the race, because the feeling with bike was very good and the setup was good as well. We lost a little bit of speed and thus we have to work on it for the next grand prix. I feel overall confident and strong.”

Adriàn Fernàndez: “The start of the race was very hard and indeed at the end of the first lap I was in fourteenth position. Step by step I overtook many riders and I am overall happy with the feeling that I had throughout the race. Unfortunately at six laps from the end I fall. I am sorry for Tatsuki, who is a more experienced driver and also for my team, that worked hard to reach this level.”

Max BiaggiTeam Owner: “It was good to have the chance to see both of the riders in the top group. This represents the good take away of the Portugal grand prix. I am disappointed with the Adriàn crash. It was a his mistake and and confirmed it. We can think about the next race being positive, because he managed today to be in the top group, with a good pace. Romano reached the seventh position and I think that he could have than better. He said that he had some issue with his bike, for which we will check with the technicians.”

Results Grande Prémio 888 de Portugal 2021 – Race

1. Pedro ACOSTA (KTM) 38’01.773, 2. Dennis FOGGIA (Honda) + 0.051, 3. Andrea MIGNO (Honda) + 0.584,
7. Romano FENATI (Husqvarna) + 0.773, Adriàn FERNÀNDEZ (Husqvarna) Crash on the sixteenth lap at turn 3. Pilot uninjured.

World Championship Classification Moto3 2021 – After Race 3

1. Pedro ACOSTA (KTM) 70 pts; 2. Jaume MASIA (KTM) 39 pts; 3. Darryn BINDER (Honda) 36 pts;
10. Romano FENATI (Husqvarna) 20 pts; 23. Adriàn FERNÀNDEZ (Husqvarna) 0 pts.

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