The usual congas ruin the qualifying of our pilots

Grande Prémio 888 de Portugal 2021 – Qualifying

17 April 2021Algarve International Circuit – Portugal

Tomorrow Romano and Adriàn will have to start from the twelfth and fourteenth position respectively. Once again the congas, that form during the session of free practice of the Moto3 represented an obstacle for the regular conduct of the qualifying. At the expense of Adriàn and especially of Romano who, at his time attack in Q2, before meeting the group of pilots, was at only few seconds from the pole. A pity, also because of the penalty gave to Romano last weekend!

The Saturday of the Grand Prix of Portugal started with a rather important improvement of the performance, made by our two pilots. Indeed, Romano managed to lower his best lap by 1.226 s and Adriàn by 1.849 s. During his time attack unfortunately Romano slipped, when he had a gap of only 0.153 s at the third split time. In the combined ranking of the three rounds of free practice Romano is in fifteenth position and Adriàn in nineteenth position, thus both of them had to do the qualifying 1.

Throughout the qualifying 1 the temperature reached 24°C in the air and 38°C on the ground. Both Romano and Adriàn, without any substantial problem of traffic, have been very fast! Romano obtained the best time in 1’48.845 and Adriàn reached the fourth position, with a gap from his team mate of 0.300 s. In the 15 minutes of qualifying 2 Romano in the 6 laps done obtained the time of 1’48.769, with a gap of 1.346 s from the poleman A. Migno. 1’49.814 and 2.391 are respectively the best lap and the gap of Adriàn at the end of the six laps done.

Here there are the comments of our two pilots and of our Team Owner Max Biaggi.

Romano Fenati:”We worked a lot and in the qualifying we could have start much far ahead, but we found a lot of traffic. On the grid at the moment we are in twelfth position, so we will try to do a good race.”

Adriàn Fernàndez: “The day was overall quite difficult. Anyway we managed to pass from the Q1 to the Q2 and this is very good, both for the team and for me. The Q2 was very difficult, since because of the traffic it was not possible to do the fast lap. I have an amazing feeling with my bike and this is also due to the fantastic work, that we are doing with the team. I would like to thank my team and my family.”

Max BiaggiTeam Owner: “For the second grand prix in a row we are penalized by the usual problems that occur in Moto3. Romano in his best lap found a group of pilots in front of him. A real pity to see all the worked done in the free practice vanished in this way. It is needed to find a solution, to avoid these situations. I hope in a prompt intervention!”

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