Ayumu and John in the top five

Grand Prix of Qatar 2022 – WUP

06 March 2022Lusail International Circuit – Qatar

The big news this year concerns the halving of the warm-up time of Moto3. In fact, only 10 minutes are available, for this last session before the race.
There were a number of penalties, which brought Ayumu into pole position and John fifth.

Clear skies and a temperature that reached 46 ºC on the asphalt marked the warm-up.
Ayumu and John confirm the excellent performances put on display so far and ranked second and fifth respectively.

Ayumu finished five laps and on the second he got the best lap of 2’05.878, with a gap from the leader of the session D. Foggia of 0.254 s. 2’06.407 is the time of McPhee, who has a gap of 0.783 s. Also for him five laps completed.
The race will start at 15:00 (GMT+3).

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