The weekend of the fifth last race of 2020 begins in Aragon

Grand Prix Michelin® de Aragón 2020 – Preview

15 October 2020MotorLand Aragón – Spain

The Grand Prix of Aragon will represent the fifth from last appointment of the 2020 MotoGP. The results of the last Grand Prixes have shown a decisively increasing trend, but unfortunately in the last race held on the track of Le Mans, the Sterilgarda Max Racing Team collected less than what was the potential, showed off in the six race laps done by our two pilots.

The estimation mistake made by Alonso, that caused also the fall of Romano ended the wonderful come back and prevented Romano to have the possibility to fight for a win, but it needs to be underlined the speed and determination showed by our Spanish pilot and the high performance confirmed by Romano in the last races. The Grand Prix of Aragon is the first of the two legs that will be ridden on the MotorLand of Aragon, which is 5078 m long and presents 10 left corners and seven right corners, with a straight line of 968 m and an average width of 15 m. The track has been hosting the MotoGP since 2010.

Here are the words of the protagonists of this weekend.

Romano Fenati: “After the crash occurred in Le Mans, it will be crucial to do a good race here in Aragon. The track is really nice I personally like it so it is important to make a good result.”

Alonso Lopez: “For this race I feel readier than for the previous ones, because I like a lot the MotorLand of Aragon. We are working a lot and in the right direction with the team and I think that this is really important, because each time we are going faster. I hope to have a very good weekend.”

Max BiaggiTeam Owner: “The preceding race did not go as expected. We had the possibility to obtain good results, both with Romano and Alonso, but unfortunately did not go in this manner. Now it is the time to race in Aragon and I expect to collect good results, both from Romano and Alonso. We are only five races from the end and it is important to end this championship with an increasing trend.”


Last year Moto3 race, rode on the MotorLand of Aragon, was won by our pilot of 2019 A. Canet, who preceded A. Ogura and D. Foggia. A. Canet sealed the pole position, with the time of 1’58.197 and an average speed of 154.6 km/h, while the fastest race lap of 2019 was sealed by D. Binder, with the time of 1’59.057 and an average speed of 153.5 Km/h. The All Time Lap Record is owned since 2018 by J. Martin, who has obtained the time of 1’57.066 and an average speed of 156.1 km/h. In the same year J. Martin has obtained the Best Pole, with the time of 1’57.066 and an average speed of 156.1 km/h. 1’58.347 is the Best Race Lap sealed in 2017 by F. Di Giannantonio, with an average speed of 154.4 km/h. In the end we remind the Top Speed equal to 241.3 km/h, reached by L. Dalla Porta in 2019.

On this track Romano obtained the win in 2014 and a third place the next year. Last year Alonso reached the fifth place, while at his first appearance in 2018 he reached the twenty-first place.

Timing (GMT+2)

Throughout the weekend it will be possible to follow the Sterilgarda Max Racing Team following this schedule.

Thursday 15 October
17:00 – Press Conference

Friday 16 October
09:00 – 09:40 – FP1 Moto3
13:15 – 13:55 – FP2 Moto3

Saturday 17 October
09:00 – 09:40 – FP3 Moto3
12:35 – 12:50 – Q1 Moto3
13:00 – 13:15 – Q2 Moto3

Sunday 18 October
08:40 – 09:00 – Warm-Up Moto3
11:00 – Race Moto3

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