What a qualifying. Romano is fifth without any slipstream !

Gran Premio Red Bull de España 2021 – Qualifying

01 May 2021Circuito de Jerez – Angel Nieto – Spain

A very exciting qualifying for Romano, who without any slipstream managed to reach the second row, with the time of 1’46.166. Unfortunately Adriàn did not succeed to improve the feeling with his FR 250 GP and tomorrow he will start from the twenty-second place.

The day for Romano did not start in the best way, since in the FP3 his bike had an electrical problem, that prevented him to regularly compete in the session. The attempts of the team to solve the problem have been useless and at the end of the session Romano did not succeed to complete a time attack. Thanks to the time of 1’46.060, obtained in the FP2, he succeeded to gain anyway direct access to the Q2, with the eleventh time.
Throughout the qualifying 2 he did 6 laps, obtaining his best lap at the last lap, with the time of 1’46.166 and a gap from the poleman T. Suzuki of 0.359 s. We need to highlight that Romano did not use any slipstream, but as it happened many time he is the ideal tow for other pilots! This highlights the talent of one of the fastest pilot of Moto3.

For what concerns Adriàn unfortunately he did not manage to obtain the confidence that would have allowed him to improve his performances. In the free practice 3, throughout which the temperature was rather low, our bearer did not have the right confidence and for this reason did not succeed to improve the time of the combined ranking. At the end of the three rounds of free practice he resulted to be in twenty-fifth position, with the time of 1’46.856. Throughout the qualifying 1 he did 6 laps, obtaining the time of 1’46.763. This performance has allowed him to reach the eighth position in the Q1, with a gap from the leader of 0.625 s. We remind that due to the crash of the grand prix of Portugal, in which he hit T. Suzuki, tomorrow Adriàn will have to serve a Long Lap Penalty.

Here there are the statements of Romano, Adriàn, and Max Biaggi our Team Owner.

Romano Fenati: “In the qualifying we have been really fast and I am very satisfied with this outcome. To start from the fifth position in second row is a good position. Tomorrow we will have to use this opportunity and to do our best.”

Adriàn Fernàndez: “Today was very tough, since I didn’t get direct access to Q2. The time that I obtained in the FP3 was fast, but in the qualifying 1 I did not succeed to do a really fast lap. My overall feeling with the bike is good and I am working well with the team. Tomorrow we will have to do a good comeback.”

Max BiaggiTeam Owner: “Good qualifying for Romano. To start from the second row will be very important, but it will be necessary to confirm the performances also throughout the race. I expect that Romano tomorrow will show off all his speed. Unfortunately Adriàn had some difficulties in some corners of the track and for this reason he was unable to do a good qualifying. Tomorrow he will be able to make a good comeback and earn his first point in the classification.”

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