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Gran Premio Octo di San Marino e della Riviera di Rimini 2021 – Preview

16 September 2021Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli – Italy

We cannot deny that the arrival of the MotoGP on the Misano World Circuit is always special. The passion for the engines that we inhale in this land makes this a unique event. We also have to say that to this Grand Prix we link awesome memories!

Indeed last year our Romano got an extraordinary victory, that was meaningful. In that occasion our team leader reached again the highest spot on the podium, bringing the Husqvarna for its first time at a victory in a competition on a circuit. There are all the premises, nevertheless there is the chance to get even, after the huge misfortune in which Romano run into last weekend on the MotorLand of Aragon. Indeed he was forced to stop his comeback, with a long on the gravel, to avoid to hit one of his colleagues, who fell right in front of him. Romano, even if he found himself in the back, came back up to the fourteenth position, showing off a very fast pace and a laudable tenacity!

For what concerns Adrian, Misano represents the umpteenth debut of this 2021. In the last Grand Prix our rookie, after a good come back, reached the points for the third time this year. It will be crucial to continue on this path and to use the huge work put in place by Adrian and his Team this year.

To follow you can find the impressions of the protagonists of this weekend.

Romano Fenati: “I am thrilled to be back to compete in Italy, especially on the Misano track since it is our home race. After the race in Aragon we have to do a good result for the championship. We need to comeback stronger and to perform well, both for the team and for the fans.”

Adriàn Fernàndez: “A new week of race, this time on a circuit on which I have never competed before. I am sure that with the help of my team we will obtain better results. I will do my best to make this an incredible weekend. I will see you in Misano.”

Max BiaggiTeam Owner: “We have a lot of unforgettable memories linked to the track of Misano! Last year Romano did a wonderful race, bringing us to the highest spot on the podium. It is true that in Aragon we did not manage to collect what we deserved, but I am happy to have seen Romano perform his comeback in that way. I reiterate that the whole Team focuses on the Championship of Romano!”


Last year the Misano World Circuit hosted two races a week a part one from the other. Race 1 was won by J. McPhee, who preceded A. Ogura and T. Suzuki. A. Ogura started from the pole, with the time of 1’42.403. Romano obtained the eighth position on the finish line, starting from the fifth position on the grid. Romano won Race 2, preceding on the podium C. Vietti and A. Ogura. 1’41.705 is the time of the poleman R. Fernandez, whereas Romano started from the sixth position.
On this track Romano obtained, besides the victory of last year, another victory in 2017 and a third place in 2012, year in which he made his debut in the Moto3 Championship.

The All Time Lap Record was obtained by C. Vietti in 2020, with the time of 1’41.155 and the average speed of 150.3 Km/h. The Best Race Lap is owned by G. Rodrigo, who in 2020 obtained the time of 1’41.988, at the average speed of 149.1 Km/h. 1’41.823 is the Best Pole, obtained by J. Martin in 2018, at the average speed of 149.4 Km/h. Finally the Top Speed is owned by J. Masia, who in 2020 reached the maximum speed of 213.0 Km/h.

Schedule – Local Time (GMT +2)

Here you can find the schedule to follow the Sterilgarda Max Racing this weekend.

Thursday 16 September
17:00 – Press Conferencea

Friday 17 September
09:00 – 09:40 – FP1 Moto3
13:15 – 13:55 – FP2 Moto3

Saturday 18 September
09:00 – 09:40 – FP3 Moto3
12:35 – 12:50 – Q1 Moto3
13:00 – 13:15 – Q2 Moto3

Sunday 19 September
08:40 – 09:00 – Warm-Up Moto3
11:00 – Race Moto3

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