Great race for Romano who on the finish line is fourth

Gran Premio Michelin® de Aragón – Race

18 October 2020MotorLand Aragón – Spain

The Grand Prix of Aragon ended with Romano close to the podium and with Alonso out of the top 15, due to the penalty gave to him after the crash of Le Mans.

Romano at the switching off of the semaphore has been really responsive, indeed on the finish line of the first lap succeeded to regain already one position, being in fifth position. At the third race lap sealed his best lap, with the time of 1’58.214, which represents the third faster race lap. For the other 19 race laps is always being in the leading group and he always stayed within the first seven positions. Numerous are the overtakings that have happened in the leading group and that have allowed some pilots, who previously were far, to reach the group. Romano did a very scrappy race, that had its spectacular end at the last corner of the last lap. Indeed our pilot, at the entry of the last corner was in sixth position but, with an impressive external trajectory, succeeded to overtake in few meters both A. Arenas and J. Alcoba, ending the race in fourth position at only 0.327 s from the winner J. Masia.

The race of Alonso unfortunately has been strongly penalized by the penalty received. Indeed he served the long lap penalty at the fourth lap, after he finished the previous lap in sixth position. On the finish line of the lap after the long lap penalty, our pilot was in eighteenth position. The penalty has not influenced mainly the times, since the fourth lap was around 3 second slower than his best one, but he founded himself in the middle of the big group, from which it has been quite hard to get out. Our pilot obtained his best time at the seventh lap, with the time of 1’58.655 and a gap from the leader of the ranking, concerning the fastest laps, equal to 0.585 s. Alonso ended his race with a gap from the winner of 13.861 s.

Before leaving the floor to our two pilots and our Team Owner Max Biaggi, we remind that the next week race will be ridden again on the MotorLand of Aragòn.

Romano Fenati: “It has been a really good race for us. We have to make some adjustments for the next race, but in the end it was not so bad. We lost a bit in the final, due to a drop in tire performance, so we have to work to improve performance at the end of the race.”

Alonso Lopez: “I am a bit disappointed with the race, in fact I think I can get a better result. Today it was not possible, as the used tires performed poorly, in fact I was unable to keep a good pace. For next weekend I hope to solve this problem, to improve. We are doing a great job and we must continue on this path.”

Max BiaggiTeam Owner: “This weekend ended with a wonderful race of Romano, who ones again demonstrated to be fast in every condition. I am satisfied with how he did the race. We missed a little bit of speed, but the technicians already know how to modify the gear ratios. Surely we can improve and I hope to do it in the next grand prix. A very shame for Alonso, who after the long lap penalty did not succeed to come back. He will do better next weekend.”

Results Gran Premio Michelin® de Aragón 2020 – Race

1. Jaume MASIA (Honda) 37’45.009, 2. Darryn BINDER (KTM) +0.091, 3. Raul FERNANDEZ (KTM) +0.196,
4. Romano FENATI (Husqvarna) +0.327, 17. Alonso LOPEZ (Husqvarna) +13.861

World Championship Classification Moto3 2020 – After Race 11

1. Albert ARENAS (KTM) 144 pts; 2. Ai OGURA (Honda) 131 pts; 3. Celestino VIETTI (KTM) 126 pts;
11. Romano FENATI (Husqvarna) 70 pts; 22. Alonso LOPEZ (Husqvarna) 16 pts

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