Excellent fifth time for Romano. Also Alonso exceeds Q1

Gran Premio Lenovo di San Marino e della Riviera di Rimini 2020 – Qualifying

12 September 2020Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli – Misano Adriatico – Italy

In the qualifying on the Misano World Circuit at last we succeeded to obtain the results, that describe the capability of the Team and of our two pilots. It is true that it is only Saturday, but the obtained results today in the qualifying represent a good injection of confidence for the future! Romano with the sensational time succeeded to reach the fifth position on the starting grid, instead an harmless slip during his time attack, has prevented Alonso to reach a position in the top ten, that he would have definitely deserved.
Let us analyze the performance of our two pilots of this Saturday on the SanMarinoGP.

Romano in the free practice 3 held this morning, did not succeed to improve the time of 1’43.216 sealed in the FP2, thus he had to take part in the qualifying 1. Throughout the Q1 we saw a good team work, with Romano who did the forerunner to Alonso. This has allowed to both of them to improve, obtaining the second and third times respectively. These times allowed the pilots to gain the access to the qualifying 2. Romano in the Q1 sealed the time of 1’42.603, only 0.072 s from the leader of the Q1 T. Arbolino. Our pilot did eight laps with no stops and he showed off a very interesting pace, scoring his best time in the last lap. Throughout the qualifying 2, Romano almost replicated the excellent time sealed in the Q1! Indeed his 1’42.604 is only one thousandth slower. He results to have a gap from the poleman A. Ogura equal to 0.201 s.

Alonso in the FP3 results to be in twenty-seventh place, because him as Romano, did not succeed to improve the time obtained in the free practice 2. In the qualifying 1 he did eight laps and thanks to the Romano’s slipstream he succeeded to seal the time of 1’43.127, with a gap of 0.606 s.
In the Q2 during his time attack Alonso has slipped without any consequence in corner 3 and this has prevented him to improve the 1’43.718, sealed in the third lap. Tomorrow he will take off from the eighteenth position on the grid.

We leave the floor to our two pilots and our Team Owner Max Biaggi.

Romano Fenati:”I am very satisfied about this qualifying! We have worked really well and I succeeded to find a good feeling with the bike. Tomorrow, we will take off in front and our goal will be to fight for the positions that matter. It will not be easy, but we will work hard in order to do it.”

Alonso Lopez: “I am very happy with the result obtained today, because I think that step by step we are improving a lot. I think that we could do a very good race tomorrow, because I feel really confident with the bike. I am a little bit disappointed for the crash, because I could have improved. In any case I am not worried, because this is my the best qualifying so far with this bike. I am ready for tomorrow’s race.”

Max BiaggiTeam Owner: “In this qualifying we succeeded to obtain a good position with Romano. The team work done by our two pilots in the Q1 has been really productive. Romano managed to obtain excellent times in all the sessions. Shame for the Alonso’s crash. Now, it will be necessary to confirm this results in the race.”

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