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Gran Premio d'Italia Oakley 2021 – Qualifying

29 May 2021Autodromo Internazionale del Mugello – Italy

The qualifying of the Italian Grand Prix, for what concerns the Moto3, unfortunately ended in a tragic way. Indeed, at few minutes from the end of the qualifying 2, there have been a terrible crash in corner 9, that involved J. Dupasquier, J. Alcoba, and A. Sasaki and it imposed the exhibit of the red flag.

Both J. Alcoba and A. Sasaki did not have any damage due to the crash, whereas J. Dupasquier has been transported in helicopter to the Florence Hospital, after he received first aid directly on track for quite a long time.

At the moment in which we are writing this we do not have any news about the conditions of the young pilot, but to be respectful towards the life of a 20 years old young guy, we do not feel comfortable to do a detached sport report. For this reason we prefer to omit also the interviews of our pilots, who will start the Italian Grand Prix from the seventh and twenty-sixth position.

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