Aragon will host the penultimate stage in Europe, of the 2022 calendar

Gran Premio Animoca Brands de Aragón – Preview

15 September 2022 MotorLand Aragón – Spain

With the stage of Aragon, which will be held this weekend in Aragon, we approach the final rush of this world 2022.

It has been a year with great satisfaction, given the great results achieved, although as always happens in Moto3, there are many factors that come into play, factors due to which, often it was not collected what would have been desirable and what we deserved. We are in the fourth year of the world championship and in the third year as Factory Team Husqvarna Motorcycles. In each year of participation, we got at least one victory, excluding the first year in which the victories were three and this year, in which six races from the end we have already achieved two victories. Our lineup this year is very fierce, as we have a young driver, with great growth potential and one of the veterans of the category. Both have contributed to the great results achieved this year and we are sure that the best is yet to come.

In the last Grand Prix, held on the track of Misano Adriatico in Italy, Ayumu unfortunately also because of a rather unstable weather during qualifying, he failed to qualify in the first rows and in the first laps of the race he was knocked out by a rookie, at the fourth corner. Our Japanese driver, in all the remaining practice rounds of the San Marino GP has always been in the top positions, including the warmup, in which he conquered the first position. John, very comfortable with a wet track, got a good position on the grid and with great vigour he brought home a good ninth place in the race, thanks to which we kept the fourth position in the Teams’ standings.

The circuit of Aragon is newly built and alternates curves of all kinds, with a rather long straight. The total length of the track is 5078 meters and the main straight extends for 968 meters. 10 are the left turns, while those on the right are 7.

Following the statements of the protagonists of this weekend.

AYUMU SASAKI : “I am excited to ride again in Aragon, where I finished on the podium last year, I have good memories there and I like the track a lot. From the disappointing Misano I just want to go and ride for show my speed, whereby I really can’t wait to get there. I am training very hard at the moment, trying to be ready for Aragon and the last part of this season and looking forward to the race.”

JOHN MCPHEE : “I’ve always enjoyed Aragon circuit and also been very strong there in the past. It’s almost like a second home race for me, with living in Andorra. It’s our last European race for a while and would be great to up our Sunday game before heading to the overseas.”

MAX BIAGGI – TEAM OWNER : “The last weekend was very bitter for us, as we lost Ayumu after a few corners and after the victory in Austria we had other ambitions. John has reached the ninth position, but these results can not satisfy us. We have to work carefully to be able to fight for the top positions in these remaining six races. We have to do it with both drivers, who have great potential. Hoping that this weekend the weather conditions are stable, I expect a great job from our two teams, aimed at obtaining great results in the race.”


The round of the 2021 Aragon Moto3 was won by D. Foggia, who preceded D. Öncü and our Ayumu. I. Guevara got the fastest lap of the race, in 1’58.589 and at the average of 154.1 Km/h. 1’57.724 is the time with which D. Binder got the pole, to 155.2 Km/h of average.

For Ayumu the third place last year is the best result on this track. A fourth place in 2019 is John’s best result in Aragon.

The All Time Lap Record belongs since 2018 to J. Martin, who with a time of 1’57.066 and an average of 156.1 Km/h, has obtained the Best Pole. S. Garcia in 2020, with a time of 1’57.976 and an average of 154.9 Km/h, gained the Best Race Lap. Finally, 248.5 Km/h is the Top Speed, obtained in 2020 by J. Masia.

Schedule – Local Time (GMT +2)

Below all the times to follow the Sterilgarda Husqvarna Max Racing in the Aragon Grand Prix.

Thursday 15 September
17:00 – Press Conference

Friday 16 September
09:00 – 09:40 – FP1 Moto3
13:15 – 13:55 – FP2 Moto3

Saturday 17 September
09:00 – 09:40 – FP3 Moto3
12:35 – 12:50 – Q1 Moto3
13:00 – 13:15 – Q2 Moto3

Sunday 18 September
09:00 – 09:10 – WUP Moto3
11:00 – RACE Moto3

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