Le Mans

Automotodrom Brno – Czech Republic

The Brno circuit is located about 14 km from the city of the same name. It extends into an age-old forest and the shape of the circuit follows the orographic profile of the area in which it stands. It is a rather complex circuit, which showcases the driving skills of the most talented drivers. Fast curves, with sudden changes of direction and rather important elevation changes, make it one of the most fascinating tracks on the world championship calendar.

As often happened in Europe in the early twentieth century, the first Brno circuit was born on roads open to traffic, with a length of about 30 km.

The world championship was held for the first time on this track in 1965 and since 1982 the world speed championship has been held there, with a single interruption in 1992.
In 2008 the track was completely re-paved.

The most victorious driver on this track is the six-time world champion Max Biaggi, who in the four classes in which he raced managed to get 11 victories.