Romano arrived very close to score points. Alonso is in twentieth place

BMW M Grand Prix of Styria 2020 – Race

23 August 2020Red Bull Ring – Spielberg – Austria.

The race of the Grand Prix of Styria took place with slightly different weather conditions, compared to the one of the last weekend. Indeed on ground of the Red Bull Ring have been registered on average 7° less this has occurred due to the cloudy sky. This element, plus the higher competitiveness of all the pilots on the starting grid at the second race on the same track, have resulted in a decrease in the total race time of 15 seconds. Substantially the time performances of our two pilots are very similar to the ones of the Grand Prix of Austria. Romano reached the seventeenth place and Alonso the twenty-first place.
Let us do a detailed analysis of the performances of both the pilots.

Romano in 23 race laps has managed to seal his best time throughout the twelfth lap, in 1’36.579. He ended the race with a time gap of 16.084 s from the winner C. Vietti. He took off from the twenty-first place, at the end of the first lap he was in twenty-sixth position. From this point he was able to do a good come back, that has allowed him to arrive pretty close to score points. It need to be reported a crash during the last lap in corner 3, in which Romano has been involved with K. Toba. Romano managed to not fall, while K. Toba unfortunately in the impact slipped.

Alonso at the fifth of twenty-three race laps sealed his best lap, with the time of 1’36.674. He took off well, since at the end of the first lap he managed to be in the same position that he occupied on the starting grid. It needs to be reported that also in this race Alonso received a penalty, due to the passing of the limits of the track. He expiated the Long Lap Penalty in penultimate lap and he ended the race with a time gap from the winner equal to 21.672 s.
Here are the words of the protagonists about this second weekend on Red Bull Ring.

Romano Fenati: “It was a very difficult race, because we did not improve the result on the finish line, but we managed to enhance a little bit the feeling. We are struggling a lot and for this reason we need to try to obtain better results as soon as possible.”

Alonso Lopez: “I am not happy about the result obtained today, but I think that we have found the path to follow in order to be competitive. This will be crucial for the next races and I think that we can achieve a very good level of performance. I am working to be in the top 10 in the next races.”

Max BiaggiTeam Owner: “Unfortunately the second race in Austria did not bring better results than the previous one. We are sorry, but we will continue to support completely our pilots. We wish that in the next race, that will take place in Misano, there will be a little improvement.”

Results BMW M Grand Prix of Styria 2020 – Race

1. Celestino VIETTI (KTM) 37’10.319, 2. Tony ARBOLINO (Honda) +0.410, 3. Ai OGURA (Honda) +0.938,
17. Romano FENATI (Husqvarna) +16.084, 20. Alonso LOPEZ (Husqvarna) +21.672

World Championship Classification Moto3 2020 – After Race 6

1. Albert ARENAS (KTM) 106 pts; 2. Ai OGURA (Honda) 81; 3. 65John MCPHEE (Honda) 67;
17. Romano FENATI (Husqvarna) 14; 23. Alonso LOPEZ (Husqvarna) 5

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