Only 1 second denies Romano the possibility to start from the first row

Barwa Grand Prix of Qatar 2021 – Qualifying

27 March 2021Losail International Circuit – Qatar

A frightening heat welcomed the pilots on the track in the free practice 3. Indeed the temperature on the ground reached 54°C! With these frightening temperatures, only 1 pilot on the grid succeeded to improve his time. Romano obtained the time of 2’07.227, while Adriàn best lap has been 2’07.822. This condition prevented our bearers to improve their performances and since in the combined ranking they did not reach the top fourteen, so they will have to compete in the qualifying 1.

In the qualifying the temperature drastically decreased and on the ground the temperature reached 36°C. At the first attempt Romano reached the fourth position and in the last run he succeeded to seal the time of 2’05.594, with which he reached the fourth position, at 0.760 s from the leader of the qualifying 1 D. Binder.
Adriàn did 5 laps and at the third he obtained the time of 2’06.356. In the qualifying 1 he reached the eighth position, thus tomorrow he will start off from the twenty-second position on the grid.

The qualifying 2 of Romano have been rather unfortunate, since in his unique time attack for only one second he missed the checkered flag. Thus he results to be unclassified and tomorrow he will start off from the eighteenth position on the grid. A pity, since the time that he did at his last lap, would have allowed him to start from the first row.

Following are the statements of Romano, Adriàn and our Team Owner Max Biaggi.

Romano Fenati: “I am not happy with the outcome of the qualifying, because unfortunately I took the checkered flag for only 1 second. This prevented me to improve the time. In reality the time that I sealed would have allowed me to start off from the first row! This is not good! It is a good thing, anyway, that the bike is fast. Indeed we did a modification that I really like. We only need to improve some little things. Tomorrow it will be a come-from-behind race.”

Adriàn Fernàndez: “The qualifying have been very difficult, but I am overall happy with the outcome. I have a good feeling for the race of tomorrow, that most likely will be a group race. I believe that I will have a strong rhythm. The work that I did with my Team is really good and I like the feeling that I have with the bike.”

Max BiaggiTeam Owner: “What happened today in the qualifying is an error that costed us the first row. Tomorrow, Romano will have to do an important come back, to reach the valued positions. Adriàn continues to improve and for being his first qualifying it did go quite well.”

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