Update on Alonso’s conditions

Monster Energy Grand Prix České republiky

05 August 2020Automotodrom Brno – Czech Republic

The wonderful news, on the eve of the Grand Prix of the Czech Republic, is that Alonso on Friday will be regularly in the pits of the Sterilgarda Husqvarna Max Racing Team, to take part to the fourth race of the 2020 season.

Now we recall what happened twelve days ago.

The temperatures on the Jerez Circuit, since the previous weekend were really prohibitive and they have put a strain on the physical conditions of the pilots. Unfortunately Alonso did not feel good at the end of the free practice 1 of the Grand Prix of Andalucía. Promptly examined in the mobile clinic, he accused evident fatigue and weakness. Thus the doctors preferred to transfer him to the close Hospital, so that he could do the appropriate exams.

The results of the blood test highlighted how some parameters were completely out of range. For this reason he has done a supportive therapy, with medicine in order to rebalance the right vital parameters. Alonso stayed at the hospital for a couple of days, until the end of the therapy and thanks to that he has fully recovered.

Here are the words of Alonso that have reassured all of us: “Unfortunately, as you all know after the first session of Jerez 2, i did not feel well. Honestly at the beginning of the day i did not feel really in the best shape, but i took place anyway in the FP1. At the end of the session the feeling of fatigue got worse. In accordance with the doctors of the Mobile Clinic, i decided to go to the Hospital in order to do more appropriate exams. The blood test highlighted abnormal values of some parameters. Promptly the doctors decided to do further exams, that however did not show any other problem. I have been curate with a therapy made of intravenous feeding and medicine. The Sunday in which the race was held i still did not feel well, but since Monday my conditions have decisively improved. I completed the therapy and on Thursday i was out of the Hospital. I completely recovered and i am looking forward to being back on my bike! I would like to thank all the people that were concerned about my health conditions and especially my Team that has always being close to me”.

After this amazing news we can not do more than wait for this weekend of race on the Brno Circuit.

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